December 31, 2009


My mother passed away in August of 2009, she was from Capurso (Bari).  She was only 69 and as we were growing up, myself and my two brothers and two sisters and I were taught to cook as we were growing up.  My mother always said that especially for the boys they needed to learn to cook as they should not expect to find a woman in America to wait on us as much as she had waited on my father (he passed at 53 about 20 years ago).  Anyway, my wife kept asking me to make the cartellate for Christmas as my mother always had done. I told her that I really wasn't up to making them... at least not this year, plus I had never made them all on my own... I just always helped my mom as we were growing up.  We called them "the pinchy, pinchy cookies" because of having to pinch the dough together every inch or so.

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